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North Carolina Soccer Referees Associoation and Capelli Sports


Jul 10, 2023

Capelli & NCSRA

Jul 10, 2023


Capelli Sport to Become the Official Uniform and Equipment Supplier for North Carolina Soccer Referees Association (NCSRA)Capelli Sport is proud to announce a new multi-year partnership with the North Carolina Soccer Referees Association (NCSRA). This agreement will see Capelli Sport becoming the official and exclusive provider of referee uniforms for the NCSRA. Beginning in the 2023 season, NCRSA’s approximately 3,000 referees, referee coaches, mentors, and administrators will be outfitted in Capelli Sport apparel. The partnership is schedule to run for the next two seasons.Founded in 1984, the North Carolina Soccer Referees Association’s mission is to provide referee services to US Soccer–affiliated playing associations in North Carolina. They are also committed to training, certifying, and evaluating referees for this purpose at all levels. Thanks to the hard work of the NCSRA, soccer players in the Tar Heel State can be confident they’re competing on a level playing field.State Referee Administrator and State Youth Referee Administrator of NCSRA, Paul James said:“NCSRA is pleased to announce the partnership with Capelli Sport for purchase of referee apparel and merchandise through our online store and as our exclusive referee uniform supplier.”President and CEO of Capelli Sport, George Altirs said:“At Capelli Sport, our mission is to elevate the game of soccer, and that can’t be done without providing a level playing field for all athletes. We’re excited to partner with the NCSRA, and we look forward to seeing them call a fair game in Capelli Sport uniforms.”

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