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Tournament Info 


For all tournaments here in NC, there will be an email sent to all referees in the NC arbiter system with the specific tournament info, including dates/location/age groups/assignor info/etc.  If you see a tournament you are interested in refereeing in, please follow the instructions below.  


Login to your Arbiter Account as an "official" (not the central hub).  From your home page, click on the "Profile" Tab, then the "Information" Tab, then the "Custom Fields" tab.  When this page displays, scroll down the left side of your screen and you will see all the current tournament dates across the state (example here Tournaments 8-12-13-2023).  To the right of each of those dates, you will see the info for each tournament scheduled on that particular weekend, with the tournament specific sign-up codes for each one.  Click on the dropdown box and select the code for that particular tournament.  If a tournament has 2 codes shown, the code with the "H" at the end is for tournament housing.  MAKE SURE YOU CLICK SAVE ONCE YOU ADD A TOURNAMENT CODE.  



1.  The system will only allow you to select one of the displayed tournament codes per weekend.  Once you sign up for a tournament, please email that assignor letting them know you have signed up for their tournament.  The tournament assignor is listed in the email sent out for that tournament.  If there is more than 1 assignor listed for a tournament, copy each of them in your messaging, unless stated otherwise for that particular tournament.  The arbiter updates every night around 3am.  Once you add a tournament code, wait until the next day to contact the assignors for that tournament.     


2.  Signing up for a tournament DOES NOT guarantee your acceptance.  If you are not accepted to a particular tournament, (mainly because more referees signed up for the tournament than needed) you can look at other tournaments that weekend and contact that tournament assignor, or contact your local assignors and let them know you are now available that weekend if needed.  If you sign up for a tournament and are accepted, PLEASE INFORM YOUR LOCAL ASSIGNORS THAT YOU WILL BE WORKING A TOURNAMENT THAT WEEKEND SO THEY DO NOT ASSIGN YOU TO GAMES LOCALLY.   


3.  If you are no longer available for a tournament that you have signed up for, please remove the tournament code from your arbiter account AND email the assignors letting them know you are no longer available.  MAKE SURE YOU CLICK SAVE IF YOU REMOVE A TOURNAMENT CODE.  


4.  TOURNAMENT HOUSING.   Housing is 2 referees per room at the hotel provided by the tournament.  If you have a referee roommate request, that gets sent directly to the tournament assignors.  Referees under 18 years old that request housing will be required to room with a parent and/or guardian.  There is no cost to the referee for this.  Depending on availability, some tournaments will allow you to request a "solo" room for the tournament, however, the referee will be responsible for 1/2 of the room rate each night.


5.  TOURNAMENT ASSIGNING.  Each tournament assignor assigns their tournaments slightly different, depending on multiple factors.  Most tournaments are assigned the week of the tournament, as the tournament schedules are usually not provided to them until then.  The amount of games assigned is 100% tournament specific and all questions about assignments need to be directed to the tournament assignor.  


Finally, understand that there are a lot of moving parts with tournament assigning.  Tons of teams, sometimes up to 100+ referees, weather issues, schedule changes, last minute team additions/drop outs, last minute referee drop outs/injuries, etc...Understand that going into a tournament and the fact that their will be schedule adjustments made.  Wait for instructions from the assignors as this info will be provided from them as needed. 

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